Top 5 Healthcare Careers

Here are the top five healthcare careers, together with their respective job outlooks, that has seen the greatest demand in the medical industry..

Healthcare Careers

The healthcare industry has been undergoing a dramatic growth in recent years and continues to be expanding in the following years ahead. This has been due in part to recent studies and research about the increasing norms in the average life expectancy and longevity of people today. Thus, as more people ages, the demand for healthcare correspondingly increases.

As it steadily grows, it definitely creates a heightened demand for people building their careers in the healthcare field. It is no wonder why the sector still remains to be the most popular and sought-after for job workers today. Besides offering a pleasant and rewarding pay, the healthcare industry’s broad expansion has enabled itself to cover and accommodate more and more academic abilities as well as various skill sets offered by job-seekers.

Here are the top five healthcare careers, together with their respective job outlooks, that have seen a great demand by the industry in years.  Becoming a registered nurse still tops the list followed by a newer class of medical professions with their respective skill sets.

Registered Nurse

The healthcare industry has a high demand for registered nurses who are experienced and educated enough in handling the growing and composite needs of the present and emerging setting of the industry. The demand will primarily be incurred from the pronounced focus on preventive healthcare; the new advancements in medical technology; and, the hugely ageing populace who absolutely requires the various services of healthcare while living their lives actively and towards longevity.

Physical Therapy Assistants

With almost having the same demand for nurses, physical therapy assistants had increased its numbers largely because of the corresponding increase of patients who require their expertise and management for their treatment and rehabilitation they have been suffering from various chronic conditions, injuries and pains. The advent of new scientific methods of such medication has elevated the profession of being a physical therapist. One already needs to take a doctoral degree. Thus, for assistants, they find their current jobs as a rich and fertile ground if they wish to further their vocation.

Certified Nursing Assistant

The certified nursing assistant (CNA) profession has been oftentimes clustered in one category together with the medical assistant, orderlies and psychiatric aides. However, a CNA has a relatively much easier route in acquiring the required education of becoming a registered nurse. Just as they are highly recognized by the health care industry with their compassion and quality care they offer, CNAs are also experiencing a high demand due to the growing requirements in assisted-living among the elderly and continuous care of patients with chronic conditions.

Physician Assistant

Physician assistants are clinically-prepared to render healthcare under a doctor’s directives and supervision. With the low population of doctors, physician assistants have been given prescriptive practice privileges and they are also able to perform several functions similar to a doctor’s: therapeutic, diagnostic, health maintenance and preventive healthcare services.

Home Health Aides

Home health aides offers personalized healthcare like application of topical drugs to the elderly, wound-dressing, assistance to disabled patients or convalescents and patient’s grooming, bathing and dressing up. Usually, they are contracted out to perform their duties at patients’ homes rather than in healthcare facilities. In short, a home health aide is an extended family member who has all the humble capacities to carry out love and care.